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Jennie Finch Going Diesel on Her Daughter’s Name, or Not?

Jennie Finch with her beautiful family

She was absolutely positive about her sons’ names. With her new baby girl coming in January, Jennie Finch seems a lot more dawdling this time.

Jennie Finch, the former American softball player and 2004 Olympic winner, and her husband Casey Daigle, a minor league baseball player, are expecting their first daughter at the beginning of 2013. With their two sons, Ace Shane and Diesel Dean, the little girl will surely bring more female balance into the family. The name is still a mystery though, as Finch remains undecided. Jennie and her husband are wavering, unlike with the boys’ names, which were picked in the blink of an eye. And simplicity was definitely not what they were going for…

One completely understands why Ace, meaning the first or best, would be a number one name for a couple of professional sports players, let alone as successful in their careers as Jennie and Casey undoubtedly are. Diesel, on the other hand, I am not a fervent fan of and I’m struggling to decide whether it’s for their love for fashion or fuels. Maybe the couple got inspired by several sportsmen who picked Diesel as a nickname. Even Shaquille O’Neil labeled himself The Diesel, for obvious reasons. But a nickname is one thing and a given name is another. Call me close-minded but the picture of Diesel in my head still represents the car industry rather than a bundle of joy that a new-born is.

Choosing the name for your baby could be a difficult process. You might like a name, and your husband doesn’t like it, if your husband likes it, your parents do not agree, and if your parents agree, oops, your sister just stole it for her own baby due a few months earlier than yours. The basic rule is you can’t please everyone. As dragging as the decision-making could be for some people, Jennie and Casey knew exactly what names they wanted for their boys. The result was, well, out of the ordinary.

According to People, Jennie wants to be more traditional about her baby girl’s name. But with someone who once named their child Diesel Dean Daigle (nope, writing down the whole name doesn’t make it any better), you never know. May the wonderful couple astound us with their decision come January. Or do you think Jennie will prove unconventional yet again???

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