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Jennifer Aniston Says No to Booze…Pregnant For Real This Time?

Jennifer Aniston pregnant

A rumor that doesn’t seem to lose steam (like ever) is the one dealing with Jennifer Aniston‘s womb.

The tabloids have all but assured us for the better part of a decade that Jennifer is indeed pregnant, with whomever’s child she happens to be dating at the time. Yes, folks an Aniston baby is all but inevitable (especially now that she’s formally engaged to Justin Theroux).

Today was no different when we spied a story about Jennifer choosing water over booze at her engagement party and eschewing sushi, which of course means she’s expecting.

“Jen loves a party, so it was definitely noticed at her engagement event that she was only on water,” a source told The Mirror. “People have also been commenting on her changing her work plans for the foreseeable future – she said it was to concentrate on planning the wedding and to be closer to Justin, but now it’s being suggested it’s to make way for a baby. It would be a fantastic piece of news for the couple to end the year on – she seems so happy recently.”

What say you? Is Jennifer pregnant? If so, what would be a good name for their little bundle of joy?

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