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Jessica Simpson to Name Baby No. 2 Ace?

Jessica Simpson is a few months pregnant with baby No. 2 and thankfully for us, her friends are wasting no time leaking name news rumors.

A source close to the pair say she and fiance Eric Johnson plan on naming their newborn baby boy, Ace.

Ace Johnson.

Sounds sporty — maybe he’ll grow up to be an athlete like his Dad?

The name means “unity” in Latin, but has become a popular English word due to the Ace playing card, which is the highest in the deck. Ace in modern times is associated with “number one” and “the best.”

At least it’s positive, right?

If this is true, the couple decided not to use family names this time around. Daughter Maxwell Drew is named after Johnson’s grandmother’s surname (Maxwell) and Tina Simpson’s maiden name (Drew).

What do you think of the name Ace?

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