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Jurasic Park Alum Brian Tee Becomes a Hollywood Dad

A Jurasic Park alum, Brian Tee, who is 38 years old, has a big new role in life to play, and that’s Dad. Yep, the actor and his actor-wife Mirelly Taylor, brought their first child into the world this August, in the City of Angels.

The Tinseltown couple decided to name their first child and daughter Madelyn Skyler Tee is just adorable and taking a look at the early photos shot with her glowing Mom and Dad it’s clear to see the love affair was immediate and precious.

The new parents didn’t take the task of naming their newborn lightly, and spent time before their baby’s arrival looking for a name that symbolize all the things they were seeking in their little girl, such as grace, beauty and elegance as well as power and strength, and they landed on Madelyn.

In true celeb fashion, though, Mom and Dad won’t call their baby girl by her formal, birth-certificate given name everyday at home, but rather by a special nickname they came up with just for her. Yes, the sweet newborn will go by the unusual “Brielly” at home (which is actually pronounced Br-eye-lee and not bree-lee). As you can tell, this Brielly nickname comes from combining Mom and Dad’s first names.

The couple admitted to People Magazine that there was a time when they actually considered giving their baby this name, Brielly, as a first name instead of a nickname. But later they decided that her formal first name would be Madelyn and this other cutesy name would be a nickname used at home by Mom and Dad.

Congratulations to the new parents, who are so clearly so in love with this first, darling baby who completes their happy home. Mazels!

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