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Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll’s Celeb Baby Name Does Not Disappoint!

Have you heard? The Oscar-winning Titanic actress Kate Winslet, 38, and her new hub, with that unforgettable name, Ned Rocknroll, 35, have announced the name of their princely newborn son…and, good readers of NameDropper, we are delighted to report that it does not disappoint in terms of original celebrity baby names.

The lad will go by the name, Bear. Yes, you read correctly. The name on the little guy’s birth certificate is Bear Winslet. Considering Dad was once given the name Abel Smith and later decided on his own volition to change it to Ned Rocknroll, we were hoping such interesting name-selections would carry on to naming his boy.

While it is pleasingly unusual, this isn’t the first silver-screen couple to go with the moniker. Alicia Silverstone gave the name Bear to her son, who goes by Bear Blu.

Bear will have plenty of sib company–an older sister, Mia, and older bro, Joe, Mom’s children from previous marriages.

Hooray for another celebrity baby having a name, and a very unique one at that!


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