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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Our Favorite Baby Name Predictions

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby names

In a move nobody saw coming but makes perfect reality TV sense, Kanye West announced on Dec. 30th that his girlfriend of less than a year, Kim Kardashian, is expecting the couple’s first child.

While we can expect endless reports and magazine covers detailing the star’s expanding waistline, plans for a nursery and maternity style, one question seems to beget the rest — what will they name him or her?

Check out a round-up of our favorite ideas.

KALIFORNIA KARDASHIAN-WEST – Seeing as the Kardashian’s are wedded to both “K” names and state of California, naming their first born (whether it be a boy or girl) Kalifornia seems to make almost perfect sense.

ROMA KARDASHIAN-WEST or ROMAN KARDASHIAN-WEST – Rumor has it the little one was spawned during a Roman holiday in October to celebrate Kim’s 32nd birthday. So naming the son or daughter in homage to the Italian city would be a cute touch.

KIMYE KARDASHIAN-WEST – The couple are known throughout the Internet for their name hybrid moniker — Kimye —which actually doesn’t have too shabby of a ring to it.

KASH KARDASHIAN-WEST – The one thing this couple loves more than attention is money, so it seems natural they’d name their latest business venture (the duo will likely earn millions during and after her gestation) is, you got it, Kash. It starts with a K, is slightly urban and has a succinct, to-the-point ring, right?

KIWI KARDASHIAN-WEST – Hey, if Gwyneth Paltrow can name her baby Apple and Courteney Cox named her daughter Coco, than what’s stopping Kim and Kanye from using Kiwi?

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