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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Baby-Name Choice (North) Explained

At last we know the origins of the celebrity baby name chosen by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (aka Kimye) for their first child and daughter, North, yes, yes, as in North West (we knew you were just dying to read the whole name).

Now that we know North is legit (a recent Ask.com survey found that three in four Americans thought this leak was a hoax), Grandma Kris Jenner made a clarifying appearance on the television show, The View, this week, explaining the couple’s thinking, for the couple, who must have their hands quite full, goo-goo-ga-ga-ing and feeding and changing diapers (well, who are we kidding, there are likely sisters and nannies for that business).

So apparently, Grandma says, North signifies the highest power, and the name symbolizes the gorgeous-and-sizzling Hollywood couple’s apex.

Hand-fanning, here. We admit, that’s just the hot-hot-hot explanation to sufficiently satisfy our (romantically-swayed) curiosity. (In other words, yes, that is just the sort of reveal we lust-heavies wanted to hear and believe).

Jenner was sure to make known, despite what we’d all heard, that she “loves the name North,” describing the forethought that went into it, as “very sweet.”

Aw, well played and super-supportive-sounding Gigi Jenner (who, in case you missed, we’d like to repeat is very much “Pro-North”). We knew, all along, you were alright in the unconditional-cheerleader-mom department.

As all (ok, most) Americans are, we’re ultra curious to see if 2013’s year-end baby-names-across-the-US tally will show a sharp rise in the name North chosen for girls, and possibly even for boys. A hunch tells us yes, there will a large surge indeed.

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