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Meet “Supernatural” Daddy Jensen Ackles’ Little Girl: Justice Jay (JJ)

Things are more than alright deep in the heart of this Texan: He’s entered a whole new and exciting phase of life and officially become a Hollywood dad!

Announced via Twitter to 8,505 followers – are we surprised? – actor from the supernatural television series Supernatural Jensen Ackles, 34, and his actress wife, Danneel Harrris Ackles, 35, who is best known for her roles on One Life to Live and One Tree Hill, welcomed their first child, a baby girl, into the world on  May 30th, reported the Daily Mail.

The post read: “We are happy to announce the birth of our precious baby girl, Justice Jay “JJ” Ackles. She was born happy and healthy on May 30th.”

With quite original names in their own rights – Jensen, and Danneel (yes, 2 n’s, and 2 e’s, got that?) – it was not shocking that this star-quality couple didn’t opt to name their child a “Jack” or a “Jill” or a “Jane.”

No, no, no—any of these would have been far too commonplace and ordinary.

Instead, the couple, who got engaged in November 2009 and wed in The Lone Star State in May 2010, has chosen to name their baby Justice.

Righteous, just, impartial and fair–values we all strive to uphold in this ever-chaotic modern world–what is not to honor in this name of Latin origin?

As long as it is not pronounced justeeeeece, we are on board and applauding this wonderfully virtuous and principled selection.

Congratulations to this healthy and happy new celebrity family!


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