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Meet the Trump Grandson! Ivanka and Husband Welcome A Baby Boy

A new American royalty baby of sorts has made his debut, and makes a family of three now four! The elegant, gorgeous and smart-cookie Ivanka Trump, 31, delivered a healthy baby boy with her handsome hub, Jared Kushner, who owns the New York Observer, reports People.

If Ivanka’s Twitter feed is any indication, the beautiful family appears to be healthy and happy. Mom posted @IvankaTrump, to her 1.5 million followers this message on October 15: “We just welcomed a beautiful & healthy son into the world. Jared, Arabella and I couldn’t be happier!”

While we do not yet know the name of this first Trump grandson, if his 2-year-old ig sister’s name Arabella Rose is any indication, I do believe we will be in for a lovely celebrity baby-name surprise.

Like you, we await the celebrity baby-name announcement with baited breath! And of course, as soon as we hear what it is, you’ll be the first to know!

Wishing the Trump-Kushner family many happy-young-family glory days!

UPDATE: The proud parents have announced their baby boy’s name to be Joseph Frederick Kushner, a tribute to both Mom and Dad’s paternal grandfathers, carrying on family traditions.

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