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Miracle Baby, Alice Harper, Born to Actors Kathryn Fiore and Gabriel Tigerman

At last, new mom, actress Kathryn Fiore, 33, could meet her precious newborn baby girl. The mom-and-daughter survivor duo met for the very first time on June 23rd at the family’s home—some four weeks after the rocky, emergency C-section delivery of Alice Harper to Fiore and actor husband Gabriel Tigerman, who has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural.

Surviving the birth became an unexpectedly heroic, death-defying act, in which, we are relieved to see, the amazingly powerful will to survive won out. It’s a miracle that both Mom and Baby lived through such a strenuous long delivery. Fiore, best known for her role in the television series Wedding Band, experienced a traumatic complete organ failure immediately after her daughter, the Hollywood couple’s first baby, was born.

Mom and Baby Alice both suffered major complications. Alice Harper, who was showing signs of distress and having difficulty breathing, was immediately rushed to NICU (neonatal intensive care unity) after she was delivered on May 28. Mom lost a whopping two liters of blood due to a uterine hemorrhage following the delivery, and was ushered to the ICU.

Baby girl Alice Harper Fiore Tigerman remained under hospital care for 10 days. She was then released to the care of her father. Mom’s condition did not stabilize for a grueling 12 days, reported the Daily Mail.

It has been reported that Fiore will have to re-learn how to walk, and how to use her hands, following the trauma. Though she can now be home with her family, her husband is said to be taking her to treatments daily. Doctors do not know what caused the traumatic delivery, but suspect a rare blood disease known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS), which destroys red blood cells, may be to blame, reported E!.

A fundraising effort, to raise money to help pay for emergency procedures that the couple’s insurance will not cover, has been established by Friends and Family of Kathryn and Gabriel. To date, $62,105 of the requested $200,000 has been gathered. Our well wishes, thoughts and prayers go out to this new Hollywood family, that can, at last, be together. Fierce Mama Fiore, You’ve got all your life to live, and all your love to give, and we are dedicating a survival song to you today!


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