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My, What A Big-Boy Baby Name You Have: Meet Thatcher Bray, Megyn Kelly’s Baby Boy

Oh, yes! Could you not just look at this tranquil little mug for hours on end? We’d be right there beside you. Looks like this little darling is slightly smiling, too, doesn’t it. Color us struck with awe (as in the awwwww variety). Plus, along with his arrival comes a brand new never-heard-of-before celebrity baby name we can sink our curiosity into.

Megyn Kelly, 42-year-old Host of America Live (on the Fox News channel), just gave birth to her third child with husband Doug Brunt, the chief executive of Authentium. The two wed in 2008, when Kelly was 37, and Brunt 37. Their wedding was covered in The New York Times (yes, ooh and ahh indeed.)

The swaddled baby boy, who was named Thatcher Bray (see, we told you it was original), arrived on July 23rd, reported People magazine.

His two older siblings also have rather creative names – there’s Yardley Evans , which despite sounding like it belongs to a 49-year-old actually belongs to the couple’s 2-year-old daughter; and, Edward Yates, nope not 90, but the couple’s eldest child of 3 years.

We’re so delighted the crew shared this photo. Here’s hoping third time really is a charm for this fabulous Hollywood family.




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