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New Hollywood Dads Club Welcomes Third Rock from Son’s French Stewart

Welcome to the New Hollywood Dads Club, French Stewart!

Best known for his role in Third Rock from the Sun, the actor of the upcoming new CBS television show Mom, and his wide, Vanessa, also an actor, brought a baby girl into the world at the tail-end of June, reported People magazine.

Dad shared that the actor-couple was surprised (delightfully so, of course) when there newborn arrived some six weeks ahead of schedule.

Graced with the name Helene Claire, the babe was born early in the morning on June 28 in West Hollywood.

She is named to honor Papa’s mother and sister, both Helene’s.

The name Helen has Greek origins and means all things brilliant and good–warm, shining light, beaming sun rays. If you’ll recall, Helen’s face “launched a thousand ships.” It was the abduction of Helen of Troy, Zeus’s daughter that led to the Trojan War.

In keeping with honoring family members by naming their baby after them, French’s wife, Vanessa, has some five Claires in her family.

The new show Mom will be on CBS and starts on September 23. One many is suddenly very. very busy.

Congratulations to this happy new Hollywood Hills family.  

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