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New Hollywood Dad Alert: CW’s Beauty and the Beast Jay Ryan

There’s a new Hollywood Dad in town. Actor Jay Ryan, 31, from The CW’s television series, The Beauty and the Beast, and his long-time partner, write-director Dianna Fuemana, delivered a healthy baby girl in March, reported TV Australia magazine.

The couple told the magazine its baby is a “Canadian-New Zealand girl” since the young family spent much time there as Ryan completed work on the first season of the show and Dad’s roots are in Kiwi Country.

The star, who plays the hotrod doctor Vincent Keller on the action-packed show (you know the M.D. who becomes a beast when he angers), admitted in the Australian magazine that he and his partner were taken aback on first learning of the baby’s arrival,  but now they have adjusted swimmingly to life as new parents.

The baby girl’s name is Eve. If you’ll recall, Eve, along with her beau Adam, was one of the first two humans, according to the Old Testament Book of Genesis.

The name has Hebrew origins, stemming from the name Chava, derived from the Hebrew word for life, “Chai.”

TV Australia posted the article about the “Secret Baby” on its Facebook page to the tune of 51 Likes.  The couple initially decided to keep mum on the baby’s birth, then later revealed the life change to the Australian magazine.

Congratulations to the happy and healthy celebrity family!

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