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NY Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire and Wife Announce Baby Boy–Which A-Name Is Next?

It’s a baby boy for New York Knicks basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire, 30, and his wife, Alexis Welch.

The baby arrived on May 22, when Dad took to the Twittersphere, elated to share the happy news with some 883,000 followers of his @Amareisreal handle.

“We are proud to announce we added a healthy baby boy to the Stoudemire team,” read the post. “Alexis and the baby are going great. #Blessed.”

The newlyweds, who married last December in New York City, have not even hinted at the newborn’s chosen name.

But logical deduction would lead us to believe this celebrity baby may…begin with an A.

That’s because every member of this all-star family has a name that starts with an A. There’s 6-year-old Amar’e Jr., the couple’s son, and daughters 7-year-old Are and 4-year-old Assata. Along with Alexis and Amar’e, Sr., this is clearly one A-list brood.

Now, Mom and Dad would not want the latest addition to the crew to feel like an outcast in his own family–by naming him something that starts with a letter other than A, as in God forbid, B, would they?

We think not.  Which is why it now seems safe to proceed with the celebrity-baby name-guessing game, featuring boy names beginning with A that might have been selected:

Could it be Ace? Like the much-rumored potential name of Jessica Simpson’s baby-on-board?

Andre, a name he’d share with tennis pro Andre Agassi?

Alijah, like the son of athlete Alonzo Mourning?

Or Amir, similar to a son of Mike Tyson’s?

Maybe we can call him Al….?

Well we’re just going to have to wait and hear, won’t we. Whatever the name–with a father who wears the jersey No. 1, whose name translates to handsome and strong (yep, look it up), and whose nickname is STAT, as in Standing Tall and Talented–this darling is sure to bring an A-game of his own.


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