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NFL Running Back Reggie Bush Reveals Baby’s Unique Name: Briseis


Earlier this month, on the 6th of May, football superstar Reggie Bush, who plays for the Detroit Lions, entered fatherhood. It’s just now that he and his fiancée Lilit Avagyan, weeks after bringing their little girl into the world, have shared the baby’s name. Oh, the anticipation!

And the winning name is…..Briseis, the couple recently shared with Life & Style Weekly.

What are the origins, you ask? Well, heard of that 2004 movie called Troy? The duo was reportedly watching the flick together when Lilit, herself having quite an original name, asked Reggie, if the two ever had a daughter, could they name her Briseis.

Well, the big guy not only agreed, but he kept his promise…and the little gal got the name.

Meaning daughter of Bris, Briseis is Greek in origin. It’s also the name of a kind of moth. In Homer’s ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad, on which the movie Troy is loosely based, the core subject is Achilles’ wrath at Agamemnon for taking the beautiful maiden named, you guessed it, Briseis, as his war prize.

Given a name backed by such historic legend, not to mention her father’s athletic legend, Baby Briseis is certain to become legendary herself.

We’re loving it, Mom and Dad, but please, a bit of an assist with the pronunciation?


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