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November 2013 Social Media Contest- Cast Your Vote

Vote for your favorite names by liking the picture on Facebook ,Instagram or by liking this post and commenting with the number and/or letter of your favorite (only 1 comment per person) until the end of Thursday(US- EST). Friday- we will post the winners!!!!

So let’s start with the boys:

Boy number 1: Rishon Shakur

Mommy @ayee_kk47 is 22 weeks pregnant from VA

Boy number 2: Jason

16 Months old from New Jersey @jasonsmommy624

Boy number 3: Maverick Floyd

1 1/2 Years old from Coon Rapids, MN @amyers33112

Boy number 4: Xander Ezra Liu

6 Months old from Philadelphia, PA  @x_tavvyyy

Boy number 5: Austin Michael

2 Years old from Long Island, NY @lovemybabiesx02


So which baby boy name is your favorite??? Please, comment below the number and why you selected that name.


Baby girl names:

Girl A: Cheyenne Brielle

6 Months old from Cincinnati @adriannegvozdanovic

Girl B: Paisley Button

5 Weeks old from Long Island @ash_mar

Girl C: Nataliah Faith

Mommy @angel_eyed_april is 26 weeks pregnant from Wisconsin

Girl D: Aurianna Nicole Kaiser

Born on 10/14/2013  from Cincinnati, OH @b_mcg_1214

Girl E: Miah Alexandra

2 1/2 Months old from Houston, TX @yosselyn_mejia


So which baby girl name is your favorite??? Please, like this post and comment below with the letter and why you selected that names.

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  1. Ashley says:

    B- my daughters name:)

  2. adrianne says:


  3. Courtney says:

    5 & D !

  4. yosselyn mejia says:

    My beautiful queen E

  5. Heidi says:

    3 Maverick Floyd. ‘Cause he’s Such a curie

  6. Brittany says:


  7. Emily says:

    4 and D

  8. Lisa Kaiser-Britton says:

    D. Beautiful name, Beautiful baby.

  9. April says:

    C!!! That’s my baby girls name! :)

  10. 2 – :)

  11. KK says:

    #1 !!!!!!!!

  12. Kelsey says:

    Baby Name A !!!!!!!!!!!