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Oh, Royal Baaaaaby: Won’t You Come Out and Play?

Speculation  is running rampant as to the sex, the name arrival date, well just about every tid-bit of unknown but want-to , no, need-to-know information about the Royal Baby, making ever the fashionably late arrival.

Hm, or is it so? It was widely  reported that the delivery date was  July 13, which, obviously,  has come and gone. Prince Charles’ surprise appearance to play a polo match against his brother Harry over the weekend, though, made it unlikely, that this was indeed the actual expected date of arrival. Duchess Camilla remarked, at a Cornwall children’s hospital that the family was all “just waiting by the phone,” and that the crew was “hopeful that he or she will arrive by the end of the week.”

Well, this is the end of the week, and no such sighting as of yet. The some 180 photos and journos on-duty in the parking lot at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington much be getting a little, uh, anxious, n’est-ce pas?

As for the potential baby name,  many bets have been placed. One reporter from the National Post, likely addled by the boredom of  waiting, decided to check in on the  betting halls. Apparently, Ladbrokes was offering 6-to-1 odds on the baby girl Victoria,  while the William Hill betting house was offering odds of 9-to-1 on the same name.

There is no shortage of news outlets covering the, hmm, can we call it news since nothing seems to be happening? Parade, for one, earlier today speculated: “Is  Kate Middleton’s pregnancy overdue because she’s having a boy?”

Kate, 31, is said to be nesting with her parents’ climate-controlled home in Bucklebury. The heatwave has said to be hitting the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge especially hard.

While we do not yet know the sex, or name, we do know the Royal Baby’s title. She or he will, reported HollywoodLife.com,  will be referred to as HRH Princess or Prince (name) of Cambridge; there is no definite article (“The”) preceding.


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