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Olympic Gold-Medal Gymnast Has Baby Girl, Gives Classic Name With Twist

It’s another big score for 1996 Atlanta Olympic gold medalist Kerri Strug, who was a gymnast, and her attorney hub Robert Fischer. The two delivered a healthy baby girl, the couple’s second child, recently, reports People magazine.

The couple chose the name Alayna Madaleine for their newborn daughter. She’ll have a dependable protector in older sib Tyler William, who is 2 years old.

Blending in with the trend we predicted in early 2014, Alayna is a unique spelling of a traditional baby girl name, Elena, or variant of Elaine.

In full disclosure we admit that Madaleine is one of our all-time fave baby-girl names. This unique spelling is less common than the more traditional Madeline.

Meaning high tower or woman, this classic pedigree name has made appearances in literature frequently through the years, from the works of esteemed poets such as Tennyson and Keats and even in the Dickens’ novel Nicholas Nickleby.

The name Madaleine is also reminiscent of the hat-wearing French schoolgirl Madeleine. In recent times, it hit its pinnacle of popularity when it ranked 50th most popular baby-girl name in 1998.

Will this precious darling go by the winsome nickname Maddie? Only time will tell, but we sure hope so. Wishing continued bliss for the radiant young family of four.

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