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Olympic Gold Medalist Misty-May and Pro Baseball Player Matt Treanor Give Baby Girl Hawaiian Name

It’s a huge score for retired three-time Olympic gold medalist Misty-May Treanor, 36, and her hub, Major League Baseball player Matt Treanor, who retired this spring after nine seasons. The strong, fit duo have delivered a healthy baby girl in California, reports the Washington Post.

The star-athlete couple chose to name their newborn baby Malia Barbara.

As you know, President Obama’s elder daughter is named Malia (pronounced Mah-lee-ah). It is Hawaiian in origin, meaning beloved, and a version of Mary.

The girls name Barbara (not spelled like the famous actor “Barbra” Streisand) is Latin in origin and means foreign woman, originally meaning woman who did not speak Greek. In the Roman Catholic faith, Saint Barbara is a powerful protector against lightning and fire.

The little gets her middle name as a tribute to her maternal grandmother, a nationally ranked tennis player Barbara May, who passed away in 2002 from cancer.

Babs, Babett, Barbie, Barb, Barbarella…this little lady’s middle name has so many amusing and playful nicknames, we can’t wait to see which she’ll go by. We also can’t wait to see to which sport this gal will take a sparkle to–beach volleyball, after Mom, or tennis, after grandma, or something else….gymnastics, swimming, diving or other? The world is her court.

Congrats to the happy family!

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