June 30

Supermom Beverly Johnson Is A Grandma….Again!


Anansa Sims, the beautiful plus-size model of 35 years, delivered a healthy baby boy with her hub David Patterson, who used to play football for the NFL. The … [Read more...]

June 26

Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg Joins Hollywood Dads Club


Thirty-three-year-old Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg is now a member of the Hollywood Dads club, reports Eonline! There goes his boyish innocence, here … [Read more...]

June 25

Party of 6 for Winning Survivor Couple


  Survivor winner from 2011, Rob Mariano, 38, and his wife Amber, 35, also a former contestant on the show welcomed a healthy baby girl, reports … [Read more...]

June 24

SNL Funnyman Kenan Thompson Becomes Dad to Baby Girl: Find Out What State She’s Named After


You can now officially call SNL laugh riot Kenan Thompson Big Daddy, or as he joked with Seth Meyers, "Papa Kenan". The 36-year-old late-night king and the … [Read more...]

June 20

Another Royal Baby Arrives: Meet Princess Amalia, Daughter of Prince Felix, Princess Claire


  Twenty-nine-year-old Princess Claire of Luxembourg (who, also, by the way, is a full-fledged beauty with brains working as a bioethics researcher) and … [Read more...]

June 19

Days of Our Lives Soap Star Bryan Datillo Has Second Baby Girl, Chooses Bilblical Name


Another drop-dead-gorgeous soap star enters fatherhood—and right around Father’s Day, how apt! Bryan Dattilo, best known for his role in the long-standing … [Read more...]

June 18

The Office Star Jenna Fischer Has Second Baby: Do You Know the Sex?


    Best known for her role in the laugh-out-loud television series Office, bestie-next-door telly star Jenna Fischer and her hub Lee Kirk … [Read more...]

June 17

Kelly Clarkson’s A Mom! Selects Nature Baby Name


    Loveable gal-next-store crooner Kelly Clarkson, 32, is now officially a Mama Bear. She and her hub Brandon Blackstock delivered a healthy … [Read more...]

June 13

Hollywood Royalty (Francis Coppola’s Nephew) Jason Schwartzman Has Baby Boy


A major Hollywood decedent, 33-year-old Saving Mr. Banks actor Jason Schwartzman (his uncle is Francis Ford Coppola, mom Talia Shire-Coppola and cousin Nicolas … [Read more...]

June 12

Jersey-Boy Cop and Survivor Winner Tony Vlachos and Wife Greet Baby Girl


Survivor Cagayan million-dollar winner and good ole Jersey-Boy cop Tony Vlachos has a new championship under his belt, that of Daddy's-little-girl fatherhood. … [Read more...]

June 11

Olympic Gold Medalist Misty-May and Pro Baseball Player Matt Treanor Give Baby Girl Hawaiian Name


It's a huge score for retired three-time Olympic gold medalist Misty-May Treanor, 36, and her hub, Major League Baseball player Matt Treanor, who retired this … [Read more...]

June 10

Rapper Lil’ Kim Has Lil’ Baby Girl, Gives Her Class-A Celebrity Name


The well-liked saucy rapper, Lil' Kim, 39, has delivered a healthy baby girl, reportedly with Pappa Rapper, Mr. Papers, according to People. And, much to our … [Read more...]