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Penelope Cruz Gives Birth to Her Own Little Princess Same Day Royal Baby Born

On the same day that the Royal Prince entered the world, so did a precious, new daughter born to the Oscar-winning couple Penelope Cruz, 39, and her husband, Javier Bardem, 44, reported the Spanish magazine Hola!.

Born in Madrid, on Monday, July 22, the baby girl is welcomed by an older brother named Leo, who is 2 years old. There has been no announcement as to the celebrity-baby name as of yet. But we will surely keep you posted.

As in keeping with the hot new trend, el esposo, Barden, was by his woman’s side during labor. Bravo! Cruz’s due date was actually reportedly in June, but it turned out exceedingly well for the couple that it happened to fall on the same day as the Royal birth; the Victor Cristina Barcelona star has made it clear in the past, namely in an article in Vogue,  that she wishes to keep her kin out of the limelight. Felicitaciones to this growing, happy Hollywood family.

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