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Poppy Montgomery Follows Tradition, Names Daughter After Flower

Fitting with the fresh spring season unfurling all around, a new celebrity baby was born on April 22nd and named after a precious flower. Unforgettable starlet Poppy Montgomery, 37, and her scruffy-chinned beau Shawn Sanford were thrilled by the arrival of their first baby together, a swaddled bundle they named Violet Grace Devereux Sanford, reported People. The two began dating in 2011.

Baby Violet will also be welcomed by a big brother, 5-year-old Jackson, Montgomery’s son from a past relationship with actor Adam Kaufman. With a name as beautiful and gentle as Violet Grace, this little doll baby is sure to be a darling.

Montgomery herself hails from a sisterhood named in honor of pretty pedals–her sisters’ names include Daisy, Lily, Marigold, and Rosie, reported US Weekly. Passed along from generation to generation, Poppy to Violet, the family tradition lives on.

This on-trend announcement reminds us of the countless other celebrity baby names inspired by flowers, including:

  • Poppy, who Grey’s Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw is mum to
  • Jamie and Jools Oliver’s daughters Daisy Boo Pamela and Poppy Honey Rosie
  • Stephen Moyer of True Blood lore and his wife Anna Paquin whose daughter is Lilac
  • Ben Affleck  and Jennifer Garner’s eldest daughter who have one daughter named Violet and another daughter whose middle name is Rose

Clover, Dahlia, Iris…Lilac, Lily, Lotus….Marigold….Jasmine, we’ve never encountered a floral name we didn’t like. Which power-to-the-pedal baby name is your fave?

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