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Rapper Lil’ Kim Has Lil’ Baby Girl, Gives Her Class-A Celebrity Name

The well-liked saucy rapper, Lil’ Kim, 39, has delivered a healthy baby girl, reportedly with Pappa Rapper, Mr. Papers, according to People.

And, much to our delight, the wordsmith-at-the-mic has given her quite the celebrity baby name. Yep, Mama Rapper chose to name her newborn princess a regal name, indeed, in Royal Reign.

We’d offer of the provenance of the name, but as you can see this is a first. A bona-fide original, never-heard-of-before celebrity baby name. But don’t think Lil’ Kim is slowing down to Mommy-track patty-cake clap-alongs. She was sure to announce at The Blonds fashion week after-patrty, “I’m a Mom, but I can turn it up a little.” And we do not doubt that for one hot New York second.

Will the little bee to the queen bee go by Double R for short? Or, simply, Royal? Only time will tell, so we’ll just have to stay tuned and see. Congrats to the happy, celebrity family!

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