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Rapper Macklemore Has More to Rap About…A Baby Girl!

Ben Haggerty, the 32-year-old more widely known by his American rapper stage name, Macklemore, has a lot of new life material about which to bust a rhyme. Yep, the Thrift Shop singer and his lady love, Tricia Davis, have brought a child of their very own into the world, a sweet baby gal…and turns out the public was the last to know about it, reports E.

Yes, the young couple’s first child and daughter is already 3-plus months old. And her name? Well, the celeb couple chose the cool baby girl name Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty.

We all know that the baby name Ava has been a chart-topper in terms of popularity in the U.S. for quite a few years now. But the babe’s first name, Sloane, was quite a pleasant surprise.

The sleek and smart-sounding baby girl name Sloane is actually Irish in origin and means raider-warrior. The most familiar cultural reference is probably to Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend in the 80s teen flick Ferris Bueler’s Day Off.

The Grammy award-winning performer is also making a comeback to the stage, having released a new song, with his longtime collaborator Ryan Lewis, entitled, Growing Up, which features lyrics from the new Hollywood dad that reference the special time in his life with his baby daughter.

Congratulations to the young, expanding family (Mom and Dad just wed one month after Baby Sloane was born) on enjoying this brand new chapter of life. We can’t wait to hear all the raps coming out about being a rapper dad. Yay!

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