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Rumor Has It…Kate Middleton’s Expecting A Baby Girl!

Whispers are swirling that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is expecting again — just five months after Prince George Alexander Louis has arrived. Reports of a December 11 soiree attended by the Royal couple surfaced on HollywoodLife.com, reporting Kate was spotted resting her hand on her stomach (possibly an emerging belly bump?) all evening.

What’s more, it’s been reported that Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, has been hinting that if a new baby girl was born to the couple, she should and would be named Diana, as a touching tribute to Princess Di, Prince Williams’ late mother.

As for other potential baby girl name for a little sister for Prince George, it’s been said that Philippa and Elizabeth would be among the couple’s top picks on their belly ballot, if they were to create one.

Do you think the rumors are true? Could Kate indeed be two months pregnant…already? Well, if indeed the rumors are true, it’s delightful, happy news, and we can’t argue with that!


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