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Showtime for Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross’s Newborn Baby! Find Out Her Name

Woo-hoo, at last, famed singer Ashlee Simpson, who is 30 years old has become a Baby Mama, and her actor-singer hub Evan Ross (the 26-year-old son of the famous Motown legend Diana Ross) has become a Baby Daddy!

The couple delivered their first child together, a baby girl, at the tail-end of July. The Hollywood duo chose the unique name Jagger Snow Ross, in true celebrity baby-name style.

As you’d guess, the name Jagger pays homage to good ole rock ‘n roll and the rockstar great Mick Jagger, front man for fave 60’s bad-boy band The Rolling Stones. It’s not the first time a Hollywood baby has been named after the British crooner, either. Turns out the baby boy name Jagger is quite popular in Hollywood.

Yes, Jagger is also the name that was given to Soleil Moon-Frye’s baby boy. And Jagger is also the middle name of the son of Rachel Zoe as well as the son of Pamela Anderson.

Keeping it all in the family, Big Sis, who is also famous in this A-List family, Jessica Simpson, hosted the baby shower for her expectant sister Ashlee.

Baby Jagger Snow will have a loyal protector in older brother Bronx Mowli, another quite unique celebrity baby name, who is Ashlee’s son from a previous relationship who is nearly 7 years old.

Congratulations to the adorable and beaming young couple on the latest arrival to their precious Hollywood family. Wishing you many, many happy days of making memories together. Have a great time, you all!

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