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Showtime’s Shameless Star Shanola Hampton Is A Mom!

The Showtime series Shameless starlette Shanola Hampton, 36, and her producer-hub Daren Dukes have been inducted into the Mommies and Daddies club, with the arrival of a baby daughter, born on January 20th.

And for a baby name, they chose a real doozy, in the old-school celeb-baby-name fashion of, wherever did they come up with that?

The new parents chose for their first child, Cai MyAnna Dukes.

Cai is actually a name Welsh, meaning to rejoice.

I’d be delighted tell you the origins of MyAnna, but I do believe it’s a first ever, at least on this here celebrity-baby-name blog.

Well, props to originality. With a name like this, and a smile as bright and infectious as Mom’s, this adorable  little gal is sure to be remembered–and it’s sure these two love-bird parents rejoicing indeed, at the arrival of their very own bundle of joy. Congrats to the happy, healthy family.

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