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Simon Cowell Shares Top Name Picks for Not-Yet-Born Baby Boy

No shortage of name pride and ego here. Simon Cowell, 53, best known for his role as an unsympathetic former judge on the television show American Idol, has shared his top choices for his not-yet-born baby.

His first choice for the baby he is expecting with girlfriend Lauren Silverman is his own name, Simon, because he “likes the name,” and his second choice is Eric, which would be to honor his own deceased father, whose name that is, the former variety-show judge told Extra in a recent interview.

The name is Hebrew in origin and means to hear and be heard (well the not-yet-born baby’s dad sure likes to be heard).

The little man, if Dad gets his first choice for celebrity baby name, will share his first name with the sons of Marlon Brando, Laurence Olivier and Phil Collins, as well as the Latin American freedom fighter Simon Bolivar, and he’ll share the last name of one of the best AMerican singer-songwriter’s ever, that being Paul Simon, of course.

Well, here’s hoping Dad’s baby boy will bear his name, or the name of his late father. Now, whatever would happen if, due to some unexpected turn of events the not-yet-born bay turned out to be a girl. Would we be looking at a Sime or an Erica? Hm, we will have to wait and see, won’t we.


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