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Son of Anarchy’s Timothy Murphy, A Dad at Age 55

A son of anarchy has now become a father of anarchy, and not a moment too soon, seeing as the the star actor from the Sons of Anarchy, Timothy Murphy, who you may also recognize from his roles in True Detective and grace and Frankie, has become a Hollywood dad at the age of 55.

Yes, Timothy Murphy and his wife Caitlin Manley, have brought their first baby into the world, a baby boy, born right in the Hollywood Hills, reports People Magazine.

The new parents were ready with a celebrity baby name for their newborn boy and announced that his name is Sean Fionn Murphy.

As you know, the baby boy name Sean has quite a few name-spelling iterations (from Shawn to Shawne and more) yet the one chosen by the couple is the original. The name is Irish in origins and is the Irish cognate of the classic baby boy name John. The name translates to mean God is gracious. The baby boy name is quite popular in the United States and according to the Social Security Administration ranking, placed #193 in terms of popularity for baby boy names in the year 2014.

The name has already been quite popular in Los Angeles. For example, Sean is the name of the son of actor Pierce Brosnin, born in 1983, and the son of Donald Faison, born in 1997, as well as the boy born to Kevin Federline and Britney Spears, in 2005.

Congratulations to the new parents on the whole new Hollywood family life they are embarking upon. Here’s looking at many happy days ahead with the latest addition to your family, Sean Fionn Murphy.

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