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Stacy Keibler Delivers Healthy Baby Girl, Selects Trending Names

Thirty-four-year-old Stacy Keibler, former wife of George Clooney, has delivered a healthy baby girl with husband Jared Probre, reports New York’s Daily News.

The couple chose the popular baby name Ava as a first. The winsome, swaddled sweetheart’s full name is Ava Grace Pobre.

Ava has been a booming name in recent years. A wide array of celebs have given their daughters the name Ava, so this new arrival will be have share the moniker with many pals. Among them, athlete Eli Mannning has a daughter named Ava, born in 2011, as does actor Hugh Jackman and screen stars Reese Witherspoon (born in 2012) and Jason Priestley (born in 2009) and rockers Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear (born in 2009).

Of inexact origins, the name Ava appears to likely be the short version of the German name Avia and/or Aveza. Of course it carries quite a bit of va-va-voom, as it is reminiscent of the late zha-zha 50s film star Ava Gardner (who died in 1990 and has a whole museum devoted to her).

Of uncertain origin and meaning, the name Ava is thought to be a short form of the Germanic Aveza or Avia, which are also of uncertain meaning.

This baby gal’s middle name is also extremely trendy in the Hollywood Hills. To rattle off just a few tinseltown examples, there’s the daughter of cyclist Lance Armstrong, celebs Rhea and Danny DeVito, the actress Meryl Streep, musician Dave Matthews, blockbuster model Kate Moss, not to mention the girls of Christina Applegate and Neil Patrick Harris.

Well, let’s just say this tyke’s life may be a dizzying spell of head-turning only to be told it was another Ava or Grace being beckoned.

Congratulations to these fabulous new parents and the new adorable addition to their family.

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