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Surprise: Country Singer Chely Wright and Wife’s Twin Boys Arrive Months Early

Forget the blues. This country singer is going to be without those to sing for a while and will likely be getting sentimental sappy-happy with it instead. Chely Wright, 42 and her music exec wife, Lauren Blitzer-Wright, 31, announced the happy arrival of their healthy baby boys –yes, you read right, two identical twin sons—born in the Big Apple on May 18th, reported People.

 It’s an uplifting turn of story for the country singer whose record sales, according to The Daily Mail, dropped by two-thirds after she informed the country that she was a lesbian.

 To NBC, Wright had said in response to the less-than-enthusiastic response, “The thing that I don’t understand…is the fact that the country music community, fine folk that they are (and that’s not sarcasm), openly supports and encourages things like alcoholism. So…being gay isn’t okay, but being a drunk is?’”

Wright, who hails from Wellsville, Kansas, met her now wife just two weeks after publicly coming out as a gay woman in 2010, reported Us Weekly. The couple held their nuptials in 2011 in Connecticut.

The baby boys, Everett Joseph and George Samuel, gave their new parents quite a surprise by arriving months ahead of their expected July due-date.

Keeping it all in the family, the twins inherit their names from their great-grandads, who surely would be proud.

We just adore happily-ever-afters and wish these new parents the most whimsical of adventures in Babyland (and, Ladies, post some pictures soon please!).

 It’s sure these country boys will more than survive—they’re set to thrive.

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