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Surprise, Emile Hirsch! You’re a Hollywood Dad

Into the Wild actor Emile Hirsch, 28, is about to dive into the throes of parenting—now that his baby boy—had with his previous flame, has arrived, reports E.

The couple has chosen to name their little man Valor. The word is a noun, meaning courage, honor and bravery.

The baby mama is a Floridian woman with whom Hirsch had a fling, recently reported the New York Daily News. According to the article, Hirsch will financially take care of Mom and Son, and the couple remain friendly toward one another though they will not pursue a romantic relationship.

The two fiery lovebirds met at an Oscars party this year, according to E, and dated for a short bit. The Hollywood Dad made an appearance in Florida after his boy was born to properly greet and cuddle him. With a Dad with film names under his belt such as Speed Racer, and Alpha Dog, and the strong, courageous name Valor, this young lad is sure to be a heartthrob when he gets older.

Congrats to this Hollywood Dad and Florida Mom on their precious little bundle of joy!



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