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Susan Sarandon Is A Grandma: Find Out Her Granddaughter’s Triple-M Name

There’s a new triple-M to welcome to the world–and she’s the grandbaby of beloved movie star Susan Sarandon. That would the first baby born to the handsome couple, 33-year-old NBC Sports guy Kyle and his 29-year-old screen-star wife Eva Amurri Martino, reports People.

The new parents decided to name their newborn daughter Marlowe Mae Martino, yep, as in a triple-M.

Let’s take a look at the magnificent name selections, shall we? Marlow (spelled with an o-w, the most typical spelling of the name pronounced mar-loh) was originally used as a boy’s name, and then came into popular usage for baby girls. The name Marlow hails from Old English and translates to driftwood, with more of a meaning similar to leaves in lakes. Its spelling variations include the one chosen by this celeb couple, Marlowe, as well as Marloe and even the varient Marley. Marlowe was the surname of a weel-known English playwright named Christopher Marlowe. The name is also shared by Marlowe Ottoline Layng Sturridge, the daughter of actors Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge as well as Marlowe Rivers Schwartzman, who is the little girl of the musician-actor Jason Francesco Schwartzman.

Mae, pronounced like the month of May, has been quite the popular baby-name selection among stars recently. Once upon a time merely a pet form of the more classic names Margaret and Mary, Mae is now a birth-certificate name all on its own. A name remembered for the sultry 1920’s film star Mae West, the name came back into popularity around 2010 and is the celebrity baby name chosen by everyone from musician Eric Clapton (whose daughter is Ella Mae) and Ian Ziering (whose baby gal is Penna Mae).

Congratulations to the flourishing, new Hollywood family.

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