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The Coolest, Most Clever Celebrity Baby Name Award Goes to….

Actress-mom Ashley Scott and her hub Steve Hart. Yep, UnReality just got very real for the 38-year-old blonde bombshell star actress from the Lifetime show, Ashley Scott, who plays the role of Mary and whose cute baby belly has now led way to an adorable real-live baby, a baby girl for the star and her singer-husband Steve Hart, who is 42 years old.

The LA baby was given the uber-cool and unique name Iyla Vue Hart by her ecstatic celeb parents.

This super cool name is the modern yoga-world translation of what Luna was in the hippies-inspired 60s. This baby girl name is Indian in origin and is the Sanskrit word for moonlight. It is pronounced “eye-lah”. The name is similar, in appearances to the up-and-coming baby girl name Isla but pronounced Isla. This name, which was given to the daughter of the model-athlete Amanda Beard as a middle name for her baby girl who was born in the year 2013.

So, perhaps the coolest thing here? Well, the babe’s middle name, Vue, is pronounced “view.” Say the first and middle names together, and fast, and multiple times in a row, and suddenly, what you’re saying is, Baby, “I love you!” Now, isn’t that a sweet daily reminder of Mom and Dad’s support. Nifty, indeed.

The baby gal will have a faithful companion in an older sister, who is named Ada and is nearly 6 years old.

Congrats to the growing Hollywood Hills family on the healthy and happy addition to their family. Enjoy this special time of nesting and bonding at home with one another.

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