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The Killing Star Mireille Enos Has Second Child, A Boy With a Unique Name

Star actor of The Killing Mireille Enos, who is 38 years old, is now star of The Birthing, as she and actor-hub Alan Ruck, who is 58 years old and is best known for his roles in Spin City and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, just delivered their second child together, a healthy baby boy in Los Angeles.

The couple chose to name their new arrival Larkin Zouey. The name Larkin is originally a boy’s name, but also sometimes used as a girl’s name nowadays and is of Irish and Gaelic origins. The meaning of the baby name Larkin is rough and fierce, yet, oddly enough is the name of the gentle and eloquent poet Philip Larkin, so, go figure. Historically, Larkin has been more common and popular as a surname rather than a first name. In the year 2000, according to US Census data, the baby name Larkin ranked 1421 out of 88,799 name selections.

As for the baby’s chosen middle name, Zouey is definitely an original first. It is reminiscent of the baby-girl name Zoe (and reminds us of the adored celeb whose nam is similarly but spelled with a unique twist, Zooey Deschanel) yet obviously a bit of a new and different take.

The newborn baby boy will be joined by an older sister, who is nearly 4 years old, and also has quite a remarkable celebrity baby name in Vesper Vivian, and two older half-sibs from Dad’s prior marriage, named Emma and Sam

Congratulations to the happy, healthy Hollywood family.

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