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The Office Star Jenna Fischer Has Second Baby: Do You Know the Sex?



Best known for her role in the laugh-out-loud television series Office, bestie-next-door telly star Jenna Fischer and her hub Lee Kirk brought their second child into the world, reports E! News.

The couple chose the classic name Harper Marie.

White-picket-fence, glasses-wearing, smart-but-also-sexy sounding Harper is a unisex name derived from the English surname for one who plays the harp. It’s reminiscent of the To Kill a Mockingbird author Nelle Harper Lee and also brings to mind the monthly thought magazine Harper’s as well as the fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar and the publishing house HarperCollins.

As far as being a unisex baby name, there are many more girls than boys being given the moniker in recent years — and, as a girls name, Harper has become tres popular, inching its way up to 16th most popular baby girl name in 2013 (wowza!), according to Social Security Administration data.

The newborn girl will be joined at home by older sis Weston.

The new baby arrived just in time to revel in all the excitement of Mom’s new project, the film Are You Here, which previews in August.

Sorry, Daddy Lee, you are outnumbered three to one at home now. Congrats to the happy, growing family!


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