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They’ll Call her Doone Isla, Daugter to Olympian Amanda Beard and Husband Sacha Brown

 At last, a baby name we have no idea how to pronounce, we have never seen the likes of before and have no idea from whereabouts it came: A full-fledged celebrity-baby name.

Powerhouse Olypmian swimmer Amanda Beard, 31, and her husband Sacha Brown brought their second baby into the world on Wednesday,

Born healthy and happy, Doone Isla Brown arrived close to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 19, a big sister to a brother by the name oof Blaise Ray.

The strong-armed swimmer announced the arrival of the family’s second baby, Doone, via her blog, Swim Like A Mom, with the title, “My Baby Girl.” A beautiful, peaceful baby at that. Ah, and did we mention older brother, Blaise Ray, 3, who is waiting in the wings, ready to protect? Yes, our thoughts exactly, this brother-sister pair, with such names, should make one heckuva superhero duo. Congratulations to the happy family!

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