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Today’s Savannah Guthrie Births Baby Girl, Chooses Location Baby Name

Big news from the morning news desk: Savannah Guthrie delivered a bright-eyed, healthy baby gal.

Guthrie, co-host of the TODAY show, along with her hub Michael Feldman, said hello to their first child, a precious newborn daughter on Wednesday, reports People.

Elated, if exhausted, the new mom called into the morning show to share her joy and excitement with colleague-newscasters and loyal viewers for a cool, candid post-delivery interview.

Did the couple go with a location-based baby mom similar to Mom’s of Savannah? Nope. The two new parents instead went with Vale Guthrie Feldman. Wait a second, did they mean Vail, the pristine ski town in Colorado?

Nah. What you may not have known is that Vale (with an a-l-e) is actually a longstanding boy’s name now used also as a girls name. It is an Old English name, and yes, it actually is a place name, but meaning valley. Vale is, in fact, a variant Vail (hm, is there a romantic conception story beneath this, uh, veil?)

Vale has historically been more popular as a surname than a first name. As a surname, Vale was the 9,491st most common surname out of 88,799 tallied in the U.S. Census back in the year 2000. Perhaps, though, now Savannah and Michael made this their first-name choice maybe we’ll see a Vale uptick.

Hm, what will be next…Kale? Well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be surprised, and the green being such a superfood, nor would we be opposed. Of course, it would likely be spelled Kail. Congratulations to the adorable family.

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