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Top Photos from our Instagram and Facebook Followers- Jan 06, 2013

Thanks to all the parents who submitted their pictures for The Baby Name of The Week contest! Everyone will vote for their favorite names by liking the picture on Facebook ,Instagram or commenting here (below) with the number and/or letter of your favorite (only 1 comment per person) until the end of Thursday(US- EST). Friday- we will post the winners!!!!

So let’s start with the boys:

Boy number 1: Carter Joseph Wayne Deschler – Mommy @mainladydeschler is 32 weeks pregnant from Racine, WI

Boy number 2: Elijah Robert Oskey – 3 Weeks old from Pittsburgh, PA  @jordanmariiee

Boy number 3:  Quintten John Anthony Aleman – 6 Weeks and 2 days old from Pueblo, Colorado @nikiv17

Boy number 4: Stefano Yianni – 3 Months old from Sacramento, CA @leandrus27

Boy number 5:  Jaron Charles – One month  old from Texas @michellelacombe

Boy number 6: Grayson Lane – 5 Months old from Longview, TX @katelynhines


So which baby boy name is your favorite??? Please, comment below the number and why you selected that name.

Baby Girl Names:

Girl A: Sophie-Jane Alyssa – 3 Months old from Amsterdam @annliciana

Girl B: Brylimar Lus – One month and 2 weeks old from Cleveland, Ohio @heartless_desires_x

Girl C: Aubree Laree– Mommy @_missee_  is 21 weeks and 5 days pregnant from Pacifica, CA

Girl D: Brielle Serine– 3 Months old from Fresno, CA @kelilove

Girl E: Sutten Paisley Scott – One month old from Lafayette, Louisiana @lex_roset

Girl F: Bella Rose– Born on 12/21/12 from Chicago, IL @d_lovely93


So which baby girl name is your favorite??? Please, comment below with the letter and why you selected that name.



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  1. Raquel Ramirez says:

    Brielle serine is my favorite <3

  2. Soledad Diaz says:

    Letter D!

  3. I chose the letter D. All the babies are cute but this baby was super cute and the name made her beautiful! So I say Brielle Serine (letter: D)

  4. Ashley says:

    D. Brielle
    She’s gorgeous!!

  5. Joe says:

    Brielle, letter D!

  6. Yvette says:

    I vote D! Cutest girl name Brielle

  7. Sandra chavez says:


  8. Elia Hernandez says:

    My vote goes for Girl #D Brielle Serine– 3 Months old from Fresno, CA
    shes just cute as a button!! xoxo

  9. Sophie says:


  10. Vanessa says:

    Brielle Serine! Letter D!

  11. Sarah Paredes says:

    Girl D: Brielle
    Cute baby!

  12. Yesenia says:

    D BRIELLE <3

  13. Sarah says:


  14. Becca Bossman says:

    A because thats the letter all my kids names start with and Alyssa is such beautiful baby & name

  15. Jerry van Veen says:


  16. Jo says:

    A Sophie-Jane Alyssa!

  17. Kanye West says:


  18. Nora Maez says:

    #3 Very Hands-on name for ur baby boy!!!!

  19. Burdey says:


  20. Anna says:

    A ! Because its my babygirl

  21. Daisy says:

    I choose A because shes the prettiest

  22. Joost says:

    Def A !

  23. salina christensen says:

    1 (:

  24. niki valdez says:

    3!!! Because that’s my lil monkey! <3

  25. Michelle says:

    #5 :)

  26. Candy LaCombe says:

    Jaron Charles #5 is the best:)

  27. Katelyn says:

    6!!!!!!!:)))) hands down!

  28. Hanners says:

    6 he’s the cutest baby with the cutest name 😉

  29. Melissa Brookshire says:

    #6 Cute name and a really cute baby!

  30. lea says:


  31. Charles LaCombe says:

    #5 Jaron CHARLES
    Love his name. Named after his grandpa!

  32. melody hines says:

    I vote for #6. Hes the cutest plus hes my grandson.

  33. Kevin says:

    A sophie-Jane Alyssa is born to be a winner, she’s such an adorable baby *heartyeyes*

  34. jacob deschler says:

    #1 Carter !