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Top Photos from our Instagram and Facebook Followers- Nov 17, 2012

Thanks for all the parents who submitted their pictures for The Baby Name of The Week contest! Everyone will vote for their favorite names by liking the picture on Facebook ,Instagram or commenting here with the number and/or letter of your favorite (only 1 comment per person) until the end of Tuesday(US- EST). Wednesday- we will post the winners!!!!

So let’s start with the boys:

Boy number 1: Ryder Levi – Mommy @nakitasharp is 26 weeks pregnant from Tennessee.


Boy number 2: Ezra Benjamin – Mommy @tavia55 is 33 weeks pregnant from Montana.


Boy number 3: Atreyu Michael – Mommy @nicolemoreno is 34 weeks pregnant from Peoria, IL.

Boy number 4: Xander James Lodin – Mommy @bryannalyn92 is 38 weeks pregnant from NY.

Boy number 5: Tayven Blaine – 3 months old from Nevada @kathy_kmm


Boy number 6: Xyler Jackson – 5 Months old from Australia @chypstagram

So which baby boy name is your favorite??? Please, comment below the number.


Baby Girl Names:


Girl A: Amiyah Hope Sanchez – Mommy @hopes_momma is 37 weeks pregnant from San Antonio, TX.


Girl B: Ushi Reese Cassiopea  from Manila, Philippines @qtiziu


Girl C: Catalina Marie – Mommy @xo_niki is 22 weeks pregnant from Texas.


Girl D: Kiana Imara Denny – 4 Weeks old from Rockford, IL @mimidenny


Girl E: Adaleena Rose – Mommy @prbettyboop is 23 weeks pregnant from Placerville, CA.

Girl F: Elyana Sofia – Mommy @mscancel314 has 4 more weeks to go and she is from The Bronx, NY.


So which baby girl name is your favorite??? Please, comment below with the letter and why you selected that name.




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  1. Mindy says:

    #3 Atreyu

  2. Maria Martin says:

    I vote letter F for miss Elyana Sofia!!? It’s such a beautiful name! The way it’s spelled is unique & the name sounds so beautiful put together!!?? I love love love it!!! 😀

  3. elizabeth figueroa says:

    I vote for elyana sofia . Such a lively n unique name!

  4. Nakita says:

    Number 1, Ryder Levi. Can’t wait for my sweet baby boy to get here (:

  5. mscancel314 says:

    I may be a little bias right now but F is my favorite :-) lol

  6. Nicole says:

    #3 Atreyu :-)

  7. Nicole says: