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Tracy Morgan’s Baby Girl and a New Celeb Baby Name We Love!

Comedian Tracy Morgan, 44, and his fiancée of close to two years, Megan Wollover, 26,  gave birth to their first baby on July 2nd, in New York City. The laugh-riot comic blasted confirmation to his more than 2.5 million Twitter followers at just about half past 1 a.m. with the message, “It’s A GIRL!!!!!”

This is comic Dad’s fourth child, but Daddy’s first little girl. He is also a father to three adult sons from a past marriage.

Adding a baby girl to the mix is good news for fans of the 30 Rock star’s comedy, as this parenting change-up will likely provide hilarious field-note comparisons on what it’s like raising girls versus boys, providing a multitude of fresh new material to look forward to, stemming from those parenting-moments-that-translate-to-jokes.

The baby girl was given a name that is new to us and we are loving. She will be called Maven Sonae Morgan. Reminiscent of that famous poem from Edgar Allen Poe, The Raven, no? But while that poem laments a lost love named Lenore, this newborn’s name is all about love found. The name Maven, also used for boys, translates to a super-enthusiastic connoisseur or expert in Yiddish, and, as you know, in English refers to someone who dazzles with skills. Thus, this little gal is sure to sparkle with genius (comic genius, with those talent-soaked genes). Wishing overflowing joy to the happy Hollywood trio!




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