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American Idol star Gina Glocksen has someone very special and new at home to practice her vocal chords and lullabies on, in the form of a healthy baby girl.

The crooner Glocksen and her hub Joe Ruzicka delivered the baby gal, their first child together, on July 10, reports Us Weekly.

As for the celebrity baby name for their swaddled wonder, the new parents chose the extremely unique Daenerys Josephine.

The name may sound familiar to you if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, as Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen is a character on the popular television series.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen names hop from the telly screen to the real-life delivery room. It made headlines when Social Security data revealed that in 2012, there were 126 girls named Khaleesi. After the queen Daenerys Targaryen was sold into marriage, Khaleesi became an additional new title she gained she carried.

Twenty-one baby gals were named Daenerys in 2012.

The fictitious name is the brain child of the creator of the show, George R.R. Martin, given as the name of a character in Game of Thrones as well as a character in the Song of Ice series of novels Martin also wrote.

The baby girl has already required an endearing nickname, Dany, which she’ll go by casually, or perhaps she’ll also go by the Mother of Dragons, which the show character is.


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