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UFC Fighter Jon “Bones” Jones and Girlfriend Welcome Baby Girl

Who’s got time — or patience, for that matter — for a snail-mail birth announcement? Not UFC heavyweight champ Jon “Bones” Jones, who shouted with joy from the hilltops, er Twittersphere, Monday morning that he and and his girlfriend, Jessie Moses, had just greeted their third child, reported Yahoo Sports.

Olivia Haven Jones was her name, blabbed the proud Pappa endearingly from his @JonnyBones Twitter handle, Monday morning at 11:00 a.m., to some 623,000 followers, with no fewer than three exclamation points following.  Aw, shucks, proud new father! We are beaming right there with you. We spotted some cutie pink boxing gloves at the sporting-goods store–will little Livie be sporting them?

Even Mom Jessie Moses got a Twitter pat on the back from her champ: “Shout out to my girl Jessie Moses for going 3 for 3 with no epidurals about time to change that last name.”

Well, Daddy’s little angel is sure to make friends quickly in New York City–with the same name, no-doubt. Olivia ranked the third most popular baby-girl name in Manhattan in 2012, according to The NYC Health Department’s analysis of birth certificates. The oft-picked name was outpaced only by Isabella (a third-year-in-a-row NYC winner, by the way) and Sophia.

Do you know what the most popular baby-girl name in your city was last year? Do tell!



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