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Uma Thurman Opens Up About Why She Gave Her Daughter Five Names

For those of you who thought Gwyneth Paltrow and Jason Lee took big risks naming their progeny (Apple and Pilot Inspektor, respectively), make way for Uma Thurman‘s mucho whammy of a contribution to the world of celebrity baby names.

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Buss was born in July to Thurman and partner Arpad Busson and last night the actress opened up to Jimmy Fallon about the rambling name choice.

“My daughter came up with the best excuse, which was that I probably wouldn’t get to have any more children, so I just put every name that I liked,” she said. “We couldn’t quite agree on the name, so we call her Luna. She’s lucky that way.”

However, there was a method to the madness. Back in October, Thurman told reporters that each name has a “special reason and meaning” to the pair.

What are your thoughts on long, rambling names? Sweet and sentimental or selfish to the poor kid? Sound off!


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