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Update: Team Stoudemire Reveals Fourth Baby’s Name As…..


See, we just knew it would begin with an A…..and we had a pretty good feeling this might even be the name (you’ll recall Alijah was nominated during our celebrity baby-name guessing game).

Gosh, that was fun. New York Knicks basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire and wife Alexis Welch shared the name of their new son today, about a week after announcing the baby’s birth.

As you’ll call recall when we first informed you of the birth, the couple had not yet revealed the baby’s name. We surmised that the name likely would begin with an A, as did all names within the then five-person family.

Alijah Carsares Stoudemire is the baby boy’s full name. He’s the couple’s fourth child, their second son, and the sixth member of the family. American English in origin, Alijah is the modern version/spelling of the name Elijah, from the Hebrew name Eliyyahu, meaning “The Lord is my God”.

Phew, one great mystery in the celebrity-baby name world solved. Now we can all now sleep better at night, right?

Whatever’s next in celebrity baby-name guessing, consider us on it.

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