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Konfidence Floatsuit


A traditional swim suit with a twist, Konfidence Floatsuits are an alternative to The Original Konfidence Jacket™.  With eight removable floats, the Float Suits enable young swimmers to gradually get used to the water without aids.  The brightly colored Lycra suits are also treated to a UPF factor of 40+ so they offer excellent sun protection as well.  The removable float system allows children to develop water confidence at their own pace while enjoying greater freedom of movement. The floats can be removed as the child grows in confidence until finally all the floats are gone and they are swimming unaided.

Designed for healthy, happy, konfident, kids, UK-based Konfidence was founded in 1998 by Andrew Regan, a dad of five and today is Europe’s leading designer of premium protective swimwear for children.  In addition to high quality swimwear including wetsuits for babies and children up to 14 years, other items in the award-winning Konfidence collection include buoyancy aids, swim accessories and UV sun protection clothing. Konfidence products are sold in 27 countries worldwide, including 14 countries in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. For more information visit
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