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This Week's Prize

Baby Essentials Gift Set by Blue Baby Bum


One lucky winner will receive a Gift Package From Blue Baby Bum of items including a Car seat & Stroller Canopy, Car Seat Blankie, Head Support, Baby Blanket and Crinkle Toy (a $137.95 value)!

Blue Baby Bum is a wholesome, parent-friendly company producing quality, sensible and American made products that make parenting easier, that not only employs stay at home moms but also focuses in making the world a better place for less privileged children.

Car seat & Stroller Canopy: Shields baby’s face from sunlight and wind while providing a dark environment that helps baby fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
Car Seat Blankie: Its exclusive design keeps the blanket attached to the car seat at all times and the two Velcro straps hold it conveniently off the ground while not in use.
Head Support: Help prevent torticollis and uneven flat spots on either side of your baby’s head.
Baby Blanket: The baby blanket is ultra-soft and perfect to keep in your diaper bag or car ready to be use at any time.
Crinkle Toy: Makes a crinkle paper like sound when touched and its colorful and contrasting fabrics stimulate baby's visual and hearing senses.

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