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Handmade Safari Sling by BundleTree Baby


BundleTree Baby is the first baby blanket and accessories brand of its kind, completely handmade by Mothers in Uganda. Part of the Safari Collection, the Safari Sling shows off its bold colors and features a vibrant pattern of sapphire and lime swirls, hand dyed gently onto cotton. This sling can be paired up with BundleTree Baby’s Safari Headbands and adorable Elly Blankets, all handmade with love by Mothers! Best of all, the Safari Sling is not only stylish and functional but also helps Mothers and Babies in Uganda with the purchase of each piece. Each time one is sold a portion of the profit is placed directly into a Healthcare + Education fund from which the Mothers who make the BundleTree Baby designs can use to support the on-going wellness of their babies. BundleTree Baby is good karma!

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