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basqNYC 9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit


basqNYC 9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit provides three easy steps- Exfoliate, Protect and Treat- to mark free skin. Start with the delicious Citrus Sugar Body Scrub to jump start the skin's turnover, sweeping away dry surface and preping skin for prevention and repair. Next, apply the award winning Advanced Stretch Mark Butter offering the most advanced solution for stretch mark prevention with powerful ingredients clinically proven to prevent future and minimize existing stretch marks. Follow or alternate with the celebrity and beauty editor favorite, the Resilient Body Oil. This omega rich oil builds skin elasticity and resiliency and is specifically selected for the ability to prevent scar formation and heal skin damage. 

From pregnancy to weight loss, delicate skin to mature skin and all the combinations in between, basq NYC presents important solutions that work for one’s skin. For every creation, basq starts with the premise that change begins deep within. The company offers a vast array of products for the body and face featuring rich textures, gorgeous scents and beautiful packaging.  Lauren Parisier and Kelli Kenny originally created this brand with a labor of love- skincare for the expecting and new moms. They worked with the best minds in beauty, skin science and aromatherapy to create products women could literally fall in love with and see results. For more information on the company please visit

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