BellyBallot Team

Lucie Strachonova


Lucie spent her childhood in the small town of Slavkov within the eastern region of the Czech Republic. She was an only child, but grew up surrounded by a large extended family (over 20 cousins!). From a young age, Lucie became passionate about British Literature and the English language. After finishing her degree she began consulting multi-national corporations such as Siemens, Opavia (Kraft Foods), and Hartmann, helping to apply advertising to the English language and educating employees as a teacher. Lucie became interested in etymology when she arrived in the US three years ago, and her research has helped contribute to the wealth of name information used on BellyBallot today.

Lucie attained her Masters Degrees in Education and Psychology, & English Language and Literature from the renowned Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. When not working, she enjoys yoga with her husband as a form of physical exercise and spiritual meditation.

  • Favorite Food: Pickles with salt and vinegar chips. Isn't that a great combination?
  • Who Inspires You: I strive to find inspiration in every aspect of my surroundings
  • Best Part of the Day: Every time I see my husband!
  • Best Show on TV: Definitely The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Hilarious!

Ravit Dayan

Head of Prize Coordination

Ravit grew up when times were more simple. She remembers life in Israel when computers only used DOS and when children played outside most of the day. “I know most of you probably think that this is how people live in Israel today. Well… Not true! Today we even have these futuristic devices called 'CD players'.” When Ravit is not commenting on Israel's adoption of technology, she loves dancing, doing yoga, and studying psychology. She moved to the U.S. four years ago and became part of the BellyBallot team shortly after. She brings a strong passion working with people and unmatched dedication to her clients. Ravit received her bachelor's degree with honors from Zefat University in Israel and has spent her entire career in client management.

  • Favorite Food: Should I answer based on when I cheat or when I strictly adhere to my “healthy” diet??? Ok… No cheating. Can't go a week without any kind of ice cream and shopping (oops it's not the right place)…I mean chicken!
  • Who Inspires You: Strong women! I believe that we can do anything! Especially women that raise their children alone or have children with special needs.
  • Best Part of the Day: When I wake up early and accomplish so much during my day
  • Best Show on TV: Documentaries like: “Why not watch TV?”, “How to eat healthy”, “Super women” (How do they wake up so early???)
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The BellyBallot Story

We built BellyBallot to make naming your baby more fun. In under 2 minutes, parents can involve friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to vote on their favorite names. Parents can now include loved ones from all over the globe on the joyous occasion of celebrating a new child's life.