God is merciful
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Janet is a medieval diminutive of Jane. Jane originates in Hebrew language and means "God is merciful". It is ultimately derived from the Hebrew masculine name Yochanan, thus it has the same origin as many other names, including Joan and Hannah. Jane has always been one of the most popular names in the English-speaking countries, and in different spelling all over the world. The famous bearer was the English novelist Jane Austen, and the name was also popularized in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Jane functions as a surname as well.

Popularity of the Name Janet
Also Spelled Like...

Jan, Janit, Janneth, Jannetta, Janot, Jenetta, Jenette, Jennet, Jennette, Jinnet, Jinnett, Jeannette, Sioned

Famous Janets

Janet Jackson - musician
Janet Evanovich - writer
Janet Leigh - actress
Janet Biehl - writer
Janet Blair - actress
Janet Brown - published author
Janet Charman - writer
Janet Cooke - journalist
Janet Frame - published author
Janet Gretzky - actress
Janet Gunn - actress
Janet Hale - published author
Janet Johnson - published author
Janet Joy - writer

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